Light Up Had Me Planning for My Next Triathlon

“An all-organic athlete, I wasn’t used to downtime, but somehow I got sick. It took six weeks before I was ready for my first run. On a whim, I tried Light Up. I felt so amazing on that run that I started planning for my next triathlon. No side effects —only positive, goal-oriented energy.”

—Pamela G., Occupational Therapist, Puhi, Hawaii


Clear-Headed Energy that Lasted All Day Long

“I knew what kind of day I had ahead of me, so I drank a glass of Light Up early in the morning. Almost right away, I noticed that my energy was up, and, even better, that I was clear-headed. I could focus on creative work for long stretches, and sensitive as I am to caffeine, I didn’t get the jitters or crash or need another energy boost. One glass took me well into the evening.”

—Heather M., Social Media Strategist, Toronto, Canada


One Serving, and I Could Have Played a Second Round

“So today, I tried my sample of Light Up. I usually get tired, during a round of golf, and lose my concentration around the 10th hole. So today, I filled my water bottle and added a serving of Light Up right there on the course. It had a nice fruity flavor. Within a few minutes, I felt more energized and finished the round. In fact, I was ready for another 9 holes. I’m sorry to say, it didn't improve my golf game, but it sure gave me a lift.”

—Lou D., Realtor and Professor, Wilmington, Delaware


There’s Energy and There’s Energy

“I’ve tried a lot of energy potions. And they all changed my energy, but not always in a good way. Some made me feel like I’d been hit by lightning, my heart racing, my focus all over the place. And then came the ride down, way down. Others gave me a tiny nudge. So I was skeptical about Light Up. But I mixed it into my smoothie, and a few minutes after lift-off, I was blasting through my day with a better perspective and great energy.”

—Stevie M., Writer, Marin County, California


A Delicious Buzz Without the Jitters

“I love it—Light Up tastes like real whole food. (I’m so sick of run-of-the-mill supplements that taste like diluted candy, I can’t tell you.) And the effect of all the amazing plants in this mix will sweep you off your feet. I went from fall-down exhausted to full-on energetic, and the feeling was incredible. I got a delicious buzz without the jitters and dizziness I usually experience with caffeine.”

—Shiri Takacs, Vegan Web & Print Design, Seattle, Washington