The TOP 5 Ways to Spring into Self-Care

Welcome, spring! What better way to emerge from a long winter than with nourishing springtime self-care practices? Try these tips for a positive, feel-good seasonal transition!



mop bucket sparkling spring cleaning

Deep clean something

For many, the start of spring means that it’s time for a cleanse, whether for the home, body, or something else entirely! Spring cleaning can look different for everyone! Maybe you clean out your old computer files, perhaps you dust every surface in sight, or even take a long, rejuvenating bath.



water seeds growth plants gardening

Plant seeds… literally and figuratively

Try your hand at some indoor planting this spring with easy-to-grow plants like spider plants or culinary basil. Getting your hands in the dirt is actually good for your health, and it’s a great way to connect with nature! No green thumb? No worries! How about planting seeds of friendship, growing new ideas, or putting down roots of positivity through service in your community?




Nurture your mental health

 As we emerge from a season of hibernation and slower energy, spring offers a timely reminder to check in with our mental wellbeing. If you’ve put yourself on the backburner over the last few months, be intentional about making time to care for your mental health with feel-good activities like journaling, getting outdoors, mindful movement, or connecting with loved ones.



meditate breathe yoga selfcare

Try a grounding practice

Center yourself during this seasonal shift with grounding practices that help you connect with yourself, others, and the natural world around you. Deepen your breaths and notice how your inhales and exhales feel, go for a nature walk and pay attention to the earth, or try the 5-4-3-2-1 exercise to quickly find more ease.


 Light Up energy immunity stress drink cocktail

Drink Light Up

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