4 ways to stay centered in the midst of change

Anyone else feeling that funny in-between seasons feeling? You might be trying to squeeze out every last drop of summer with last minute adventures and activities, or you might be already thinking about fall and cooler weather on the horizon! Maybe a little of both? Us too! If that seasonal limbo has got you searching for ways to stay level through it all, read on for a few of our favorite ways to feel good as we transition into late summer and fall. 1) Redesign your routine Moving towards fall usually means our day-to-day changes in one way or another....

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Light Up Tropical Spritzer

We've had our fair share of cocktails lately, but sometimes you need a drink that's refreshing, hydrating and just plain good for you. We created this special Light Up mocktail to give you the relaxing, feel-good, stress-free tropical vibes we all need right now.
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Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Energy and Win at Life

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We can’t always control our to-do list. Work needs to get done, social obligations fulfilled, and try as we may, there is a certain level of “adulting” we all must do (ahem-laundry, bills, waiting on hold with the cable company to reset your router). We must forge ahead, and that takes energy - a precious resource. If you find yourself running ragged and a steady stream of caffeine just isn’t doing the trick, check out these five tips to gain more sustainable, no-crash energy to power through your days.   1. Sleep Yes. It’s painfully obvious - which is why...

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