Holiday Self-Care 101
The holidays are here, and as excited as we are about this time of year, we’re already bracing ourselves for the usual stresses of the season!

Figuring out travel plans, preparing for family gatherings, getting the perfect gift for everyone on your list, navigating surprise visits from unexpected guests… so much can tax our bodies and minds over the holidays.

Thankfully, there are many steps we can take to prevent holiday stress before it happens, or to better deal with it in the midst of the season. It all comes down to proactive self-care!

Here are a few tips we love for intentional self-care during the holidays:

Create space for reflection. If things feel like they’re starting to go wrong, what better time to reflect on the things that have gone right throughout the year? Thoughtful reflection can help us not only keep our peace through stressful situations, but also help remind us of what there is to be grateful for. So take a moment, turn inward, and call to mind feel-good moments and memories from the past year to keep you grounded.

Seek warmth. Whether it’s dealing with unfavorable weather or potential loneliness around this time of year, seeking warmth can help us feel nourished in more ways than one. PRO TIP: Try a Light Up Latte for a delightfully different, creamy beverage to keep you warm, energized, and stress-free on cold days.

Stick to your boundaries. It may be tempting to pack in all the activities and show up at all the events and gatherings you possibly can, but remember to set boundaries ahead of time to steady yourself during the holidays. Block out time for yourself, say “no” or opt out of engaging with heated conversations or situations when you can, and speak up about your needs and preferences as much as possible.

Allow yourself time to decompress. There’s beauty in taking time for an intentional moment of pause after a full year. If you have a break from work, allow yourself to truly disconnect ; keep your schedule light and only say “yes” to the things you absolutely want to do. Rest, restore, and take good care of yourself to prepare for a fresh, positive start to the new year!

So there you have it! Seek simplicity as you approach your self-care this season. Start with one intentional practice, and see it snowball (see what we did there?) into a healthy self-care habit that can carry you through any potentially stressful situation the holidays may bring.

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