Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Energy and Win at Life

We can’t always control our to-do list. Work needs to get done, social obligations fulfilled, and try as we may, there is a certain level of “adulting” we all must do (ahem-laundry, bills, waiting on hold with the cable company to reset your router). We must forge ahead, and that takes energy - a precious resource. If you find yourself running ragged and a steady stream of caffeine just isn’t doing the trick, check out these five tips to gain more sustainable, no-crash energy to power through your days.


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1. Sleep

Yes. It’s painfully obvious - which is why it works. Your brain and body need to recharge every single night, not just on the weekends or whenever you have time. It’s true that some people can thrive off less sleep than others, but it is also true that those lucky people are far and few between. A study conducted by the University of California - San Francisco found that only 3% of the population have the gene that allows them to thrive off six hours of sleep. The other 97% of us should be getting 7 - 9 hours a night, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

To ensure you get some quality zzz’s every night, put your phone away at least a half hour before bed, turn down the temperature, and shut the curtains (blackout curtains are a plus). Swap Netflix for a book, and gently drift off. Sure, you might have to DVR the Bachelorette finale or miss round 2 of happy hour, but you’re guaranteed to tackle the next day with a sound mind and more energy - even without that morning coffee.


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2. Eat More Plants

The logic is simple. Whole, plant-based foods contain the nutrients you need to function. When your body is fueled with these nutrients, it can operate at its optimum level. When one consumes “empty-calorie” foods and deprives their body of nutrients, the body retaliates, making you feel sluggish and tired. Low-fiber foods, such as animal products, also require more energy to digest, further depleting your energy. Make a habit out of eating whole foods with every meal, and you’ll feel the benefits within a week or two.


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3. Exercise

This may sound counterintuitive, but as long as you’re not overexercising (we’ll get to that in another post), regular physical activity can actually enhance your overall energy levels. Start with incorporating low-intensity exercise, such as a thirty minute walk, yoga, or a leisurely bike ride. Countless studies have linked an increase in energy with exercise, and the University of Georgia researchers found that low-level physical activity increased participants energy by 20% and decreased fatigue up to 65%. Feeling good? Add a bit more intensity and find the workout you actually enjoy, be that a run through nature or a fitness class with a buddy. Which brings us to our next topic…


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4. Socialize

It’s easy to get consumed with work or a Netflix binge and become a contented hermit. However, a little social interaction can perk you up and instill a renewed sense of energy and motivation. This is not to suggest you shut the bar down or go to a late comedy show on a Tuesday night, but a walk or a (plant-based) dinner with a friend or family member can lighten your mood and even ward off depression, which is an energy-suck of its own caliber. Several psychology studies have linked improved mental health with regular socialization, and face-to-face interaction has been proven to be more effective than digital conversations, according to research by the Journal of American Geriatrics Society. When we’re in a good mood, we’re more motivated and eager to take on the day ahead. So go ahead and chit-chat at work; you’ll be more productive in the long run. 


Women toasting with Light Up Organic Energy Drink

5. Drink Light Up

You can find an excuse for all of the above, but drinking Light Up on the daily is so easy, it’s inexcusable. The inaugural product of Inspire Organics, this natural, non-GMO, organic supplement was created to give you energy, focus and stamina without the jitters or the dreaded crash. Remember how we talked about eating more plants to ensure proper nutrition, thus increasing energy? Light Up can help with that. The completely vegan formula is packed with plants that both fuel your body and taste fantastic. Superfoods like lucuma, maca, beets, goji berries, matcha, yerba mate, coffeeberry, and mushrooms were all expertly chosen to provide sustained energy and mental focus, while apples, cranberry, and natural tropical fruit extracts add a light and refreshing flavor. It would take some major prep (and mullah) to make a smoothie with all of those ingredients, but one scoop of Light Up mixed with a cup of water (or beverage of choice) is far more accessible and affordable. Keep it at your desk or next to your coffee maker, and get ready to Light Up.


Stay tuned as we dive into what makes Light Up ingredients so powerful, and learn more about specific tips on fitness, productivity, and happiness. Plus, we’ll be sharing recipes using Light Up; you won’t be able to wait to get your daily dose of plant-based rocket fuel!


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