4 ways to stay centered in the midst of change

Anyone else feeling that funny in-between seasons feeling? You might be trying to squeeze out every last drop of summer with last minute adventures and activities, or you might be already thinking about fall and cooler weather on the horizon! Maybe a little of both? Us too!

If that seasonal limbo has got you searching for ways to stay level through it all, read on for a few of our favorite ways to feel good as we transition into late summer and fall.

1) Redesign your routine

Moving towards fall usually means our day-to-day changes in one way or another. For some it’s back to school season, while for others, it’s a shift in priorities, starting new projects, or making big life changes! The daily routine that worked for us early in the summer may not fit now, and that’s something to embrace! Check in with yourself and organize your day-to-day flow by making a new schedule or list that fits your ideal fall routine!

2) Proactively manage stress

With the seasonal shift sometimes comes stress, often from all sides! Seasonal illness can stress our bodies, our minds might be stretched from keeping up with fall plans, or we might find our mental health needing more attention as we head into the end of the year. Reach for adaptogens now to prepare your body in dealing with stress later! The adaptogenic herbs in Light Up—like ashwagandha and astragalus—help regulate hormones, support your immune system and influence multiple organs, modulating and maintaining your body’s balance.

3) Seek new connections

While it’s common to turn inward heading into fall (don’t get us wrong, time with yourself and self-reflection is a good thing!), it’s also a great idea to put effort into staying connected with friends, family, or communities that make us feel good. We don’t know what travel and gathering will look like in the coming months, so we’re all about finding new online events, virtual hangouts, and giving our loved ones a call more often than not!

4) Commit to rest

Say it with us: slowing down is a good thing. Committing to make time for rest each day doesn’t always come easily, but we find that it’s always worth it! Remember, rest can look different for everyone. Maybe you read a book you’ve been putting off, maybe you say “no” instead of “yes” to honor your boundaries, maybe you try a new recipe, just for fun, or maybe you take a long nap right when you feel like it!

We hope that as the seasons change you find your ideal flow and routine, make time for rest and rejuvenation, and keep stress at bay through the transitions ahead.

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