Your daily dose of 16 immunity-boosting, organic energy sources in one small, but mighty, serving. Helps sharpen your focus and manage stress.

Boost Your Immune System!

Healthy ingredients, healthy energy

Most energy drinks don’t consider your future. The best ones offer a quick rush of energy, the worst a jolt that makes your heart race and weakens your adrenals—the part of your body that handles stress. The adaptogens in Light Up strengthen your adrenals. Power up with Light Up every day and feel your energy get better and better.

Born in Hawaii

Made by Allison Jacobson, a vegan athlete living on the island of Kauai! She wanted to infuse the taste of classic Hawaiian fruits such as orange, guava and passion fruit. She brought their refreshing taste and her knowledge of plant-sourced nutrition to Light Up.


Loving Light Up! I can tell that Light Up will easily replace my old coffee routine. Besides all the great benefits it offers, I really enjoy not having that jittery/rushing thought feelings with steady energy throughout the day! I have found that drinking a bit before and after a workout works well for me (I'm a morning exerciser) and I can go one about my day!
Uniquely fabulous! I absolutely love this stuff! It's made with great ingredients, is energizing, and it actually tastes good! Oh, and it's even a pretty color!
Awesome! Great taste! After a log run, I mix one scoop of mix into a glass of about 8 ounces of water. The drink is really good cold, tastes great, and is quite satisfying. After drinking, I feel energized!
Love it! I was looking for a more natural pre workout and this is perfect! I also use it in my fruit smoothies and if I need a little afternoon boost, I just shake some up and I'm good to go! Feels good knowing I'm giving my body good clean energy.

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